- 3-Wire Grounded Vertical Antenna -
Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA

3-Wire Grounded Vertical Antenna for 80 meters

This 3-Wire Grounded Vertical Antenna, cut for 3948KHz, resonants perfectly.  One end on the ground and the
other end is 59 feet in the air attached to a 64-foot tower.  It works extremely well for 80 meter NTS activity. It
will out-perform any general-purpose multi-band vertical antenna on 80 meters due to greater capture area.
During the evening it also does well with DX on the 3904 Century Net.  For detail construction information,
please consult The A.R.R.L. Antenna Book, page 205, fig. 8-6.

Notice the ground.  One lead connects to the ground         Another view to give everyone a clearer view of it.
directly and 54 ground radials and the other to the
center conductor.