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Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA

    I have been licensed since approximately March of 1961, or almost 42 years as I write this autobiography.

    I was born in Lewiston, Maine; on September 11, 1944 to Alvah and Mary (Begin) Buckmore.  The oldest of four boys, I have three brothers:  James Raymond (living in Florida); David Edward (living in Chicopee); and Clyde Robert (living in Texas).  My ethnic background is French Canadian, Irish and American Indian (from Maine); French Canadian and Indian on my mother's side and Irish and Indian on my father's side.  All four of us are veterans during the Vietnam War and my father a combat veteran of the Second World War.

     My father served in North Africa and then sent back to England for the invasion 
of Normandy.  He was in the forth wave on Omaha Beach and went all the way to Belgium before getting shot for the third and last time during the "Battle of the Bulge"; starting on  December 16, 1944.

     My brother Jim served in Vietnam, in the U.S. Air Force, for 19 months and David and Clyde in the United States for the duration.

     I served in Greece, Italy and Germany.  About 9 months after I went into the U.S. Army as a Private, I received a field commission.  My Primary MOS was Nuclear Weapons.

     However, in September of 1974, I found myself in the middle of a Base that may have been infiltrated by the KGB, or something to that effect. 

     Between the months of September and December 19, 1974, I was held prisoner, perhaps by my own side.  I am not sure.  For the first two weeks I can remember very little of this experience.  I can remember a short, stocky man; with wrist the diameter 
of my neck and a blue/gray hairline; speaking in a thick middle-eastern accent and in a tone of arrogance, asking me the same questions over and over:  "Who are you?  What is your real rank?  What is your real mission?" I was heavily drugged and, ultimately,
got very sick from it, or through the combination of drugs and imprisonment. Since I
was unprepared and not trained in this kind of interrogation, I probably answered these
questions truthfully; however, after the initial session of interrogation, unconsciously I reverted to a defense of shutting off my brain.  From that point in time I doubt very much I had revealed anything of value.  I think, unconsciously, I thought they were trying to extract information about my experience and training in Nuclear Weapons and therefore made the decision, unconsciously, to shut off my brain as a defense to their use of drugs I could not handle in any other way.  In retrospect, I probably made the right decision.  It is probably the reason I am still alive today.  At least one doctor, working at the Veterans Administration, had agreed with me.  I got into something well
over my head. Shutting off my brain saved my butt!

    Since the United States Army, or the Department of Defense, did not want to admit one of its military bases had been compromised, I was unable to receive recognition when I reported the incident and observations.  However, as early as August of 1979, I received a letter from the Office of the Secretary of the Army admitting to the truth- fulness of my allegations but denying liability; then using that argument to justify a refusal to investigate my allegations or to prosecute the accused.

     After I left the Army, I discovered my military records had been  purged.  All 
records of my training in Basic Combat Training, Advance Individual Training, Training in Nuclear Weapons at Snow Hall Academy (Ft. Sill, Ok.), commission and security clearances were methodically removed from my military records. I have actually seen them.  In a series of extremely difficult court proceedings, during standard discovery procedure at the U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, I read a pile of documents which certified I did not have any rank, grade or training of any kind.  There is also certification I had a history of psychiatric problems prior to entry into the U.S. Army (which is impossible).   It took me 16 years to correct this problem as well as a lot of grief, stress and unhappiness.

     When I got home in December 19, 1974, to my surprise, I found my weight had dropped down to 108 pounds.  I was urinating blood, due to an infection of the urinary tract, and had a wide variety of medical problems.  Fortunately, the Veterans Administration had helped to nurse me back to health.

     As you can probably imagine, it destroyed my ability to support myself for those 16 years.  The courts would not help me.  I found a collusion between the defendant United States and the entire court.  When I appealed, I discovered a continuity of collusion would accompany the petition from the lower courts to the Supreme Court of the United States.  There was never any level playing field for me.  It was always a contest be- tween them -- the defendants and the courts -- and me.

    It reached a climax in June of 1988 when the controversy lead to the resignation of Chief Justice Warren Burger, of the Supreme Court, and Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Court of Claims. However, in spite of my success, I proved unable to initiate a criminal investigation of this incident. Every attempt to communicate with my political representatives in Congress lead to constant frustration. None of them would do anything. Either they were too busy helping themselves, instead of helping others, or simply did not believe me.  I noticed, every time I would attempt to communicate the problem to most people, there was a tendency to interpret my behavior within the framework of what they thought they knew about psychiatry.  To a certain limited extent, this same pattern occurred among people at the Veterans Administration, usually at a lower staff administrative level.  No psychiatrist had reacted in this way. Nor did the older members of the staff.  News reporters, editors, publishers and other employees of the news media typically would "mute" (shut off) their brains as I would attempt to elicit their attention.  It was very difficult for me. You wouldn't believe the insults I have received over the years.

     Unable to resolve this problem, after nearly 16 years of constantly fighting it, I made a most difficult decision.  I filed an applications for a 100%  service-connected disability.  To my surprise and delight, I was granted full service-connected disability and immediately began to live my life again. That felt good!

     You will find me listed as a leading authority on ballistics and computer science in
Who's Who and several other biographical literature; responsible for the develop-
ment of about 30 major discoveries in the science of ballistics and the discovery 
and partial development of three new sciences evolving from the study of ballistics.

     They are the Science of Force-Fields (the scientific study of the absorption,
displacement, projection or reflection of kinetic energy [the component of lethality
in Ballistics] ); the Science of Ballistic Signatures (the scientific study of the physical
characteristics of a bullet in terminal flight); and Time Physics (the scientific study
of the physical properties of time).

     In amateur radio I was a pioneer in the development of amateur radio satellite
communications and wrote and published one of the earliest magazine articles on
the subject, "First Steps to Satellite Communications", Ham Radio November 1972.

     Also, in amateur radio, I have published a series of articles dealing with receiving
noise and the various ways to effectively reduce it most significantly; grounding systems; lightning protection systems and the use of antenna polarization to reduce
receiving noise.  See my Work on the Subject.

     In computer science, my expertise was the development of algorithms and code
for ballistic applications, namely the algorithms and the calculus which allowed the
development of the calculation of a bullet's trajectory in real-time and depth of penetration into living tissue, including a graphic representation of a bullet going downrange and penetrating tissue; the maximum range of lethality; the maximum effective range and a software-driven spectroanalyzer to examine the ballistic para-
meters of a gun-system in order to determine its performance characteristics.  In the process, I wrote an 800 page manuscript on the science of ballistics but never really
tried to published it.

     Deriving from this work, I discovered the potential for significant further develop-
ment into other sciences and, from there, began to perceive a contradiction into the
interpretation of time. 

     Time was more than a mathematical concept, abstraction or relationship between velocity and distance. 

     Time is a physical entity, a plasma with a small electrostatic charge to it, and is subject to the laws of physics, such as gravity and solar energy.  With that recogni-
tion or discovery, I began to systematically work out the relationships mathematic-
cally, including the development of a General Theory of Time.

     Presently, I am retired and thoroughly enjoy playing with my amateur radio station and operate from 160 meters to 23cm (though the highest band I have operated has been 10.5 GHz) -- all modes.  This includes CW, LSB, USB, FM, APRS, Packet, RTTY and PSK-31 with the aide of 5 computers (networked); two FT-1000MPs, a Henry Classic 2K, a FT-736R and a wide variety of special equipment to reduce noise.

     This includes two ClearSpeech digital speakers (which work extremely well) and 
an elaborate noise canceling system with antennas to match the polarization of the receiving signals. 

     My grounding and lightning arresting system is most extensive and significantly reduces man-made and natural noise.  Indeed!  I have one of the lowest noise levels
in my community and, as the Net Manager of the First Region Net, consistently hear
everyone better than they can hear me (which is not always a nice experience).

     I served 1 1/2 years as the Communications Officer and Director of RACES for
the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency in Area III.

     I spent more than 1 year as the Webmaster for the Mt.Tom Amateur Repeater
Association (Holyoke, Massachusetts).

     In the year of 2002 I was the co-Chairman of Field Day for the Mt.Tom Amateur
Repeater Association.

     As to the organizations in which I belong, there is a life membership with the NRA; life membership with the Disabled American Veterans; the Mt.Tom Amateur
Repeater Association; AMSAT (in which I am the Area Coordinator for Western
Massachusetts); the American Radio Relay League and the Quarter Century Wire-
less Association. Before I retired I had belonged to several professional societies, such  as the AAAS, the IEEE Computer Scientists and others.

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