- Modes of Operation -
Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA
     FM is a mode I started to use less than 10 years ago
and then only for repeater operation and, occasionally,
2-meter simplex operation during the VHF contests.

     In the last 10 years, I think I can say honestly -- and
my computer log confirms it -- my FM operations on repeaters have been more extensive than all of my other modes combined.

     I have operated FM repeaters on 10 meters, 2 meters, 70 centimeters and even 23 centimeters with 2 meters the most common and extensive.

     By the way, according to my computer log, between
Autumn of 1961 and January 2003, I have made more than 19,200 QSOs.

     Of course, I didn't have access to computers until
1976; so, when I got my first personal computer, after an initial but exceedingly steep learning curve, I took all of my old manual logs and entered the data into the compu- ter log. As you probably well imagine, it took quite some
time for me to place the thousands of entries into the computer log, and I really didn't enjoy it.  Frankly!  Data-
entry is not my thing!  Also, I had some serious problems
when the Calendar changed to the 21st Century.  Though the computer gave me some problems, the biggest prob- lem came from the Log program itself.  Initially, it tried to put all entries on January 1, 2000 as "'00" or a date before 1961. The problem corrected itself when I made
some adjustments to the computer clock.