- Field Day 2004 -
At The Blandford Fair Grounds, Blandford, Massachusetts
Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA

The WMASS Ham Radio Group, consisting of a small group of both amateur radio operators and non-amateur
radio operators, held Field Day for the year of 2004 at the Blandford Fair Grounds in Blandford, Massachusetts,
thanks to some very generous people who administer the Fair each year.  WMASS Ham Radio Group is made
up of a very small group of people who have no desire to make it into a club.  We are simply trying to avoid the
un-necessary and messy politics common among clubs.  It is open to everyone who wants to enjoy himself in amateur radio and the associated activity we commonly find during Field Day and emergency communications.
Everyone is welcome.

To the right is Art's, WA1ART, homebrew "ladder" tower literally made from ladder.
It is approximately 40 feet high with a G5RV on HF and a 2-meter antenna on top.
To the left of his "tower" is Alex's, KB1FYU,  2-meter vertical antenna.