for your use to
Make QSL Cards


                These fonts are under copyright protection.  Do not use them for commercial purposes without
             written permission.  Go to Placement of this
             web-site address here was required before we could place these fonts into our web-site for your

                To use these fonts place your cursor on the center of each letter or combination of letters and
            press the right key.  When you see the pop-out vertical menu tab look for "save image as"; place
            the mouse cursor on this menu selection and press the left key to execute.  Follow the instructions
            in the pop-out directory box and use the same procedures as before in the first page.

                To download the fonts below please click on the example.  Then "Save File." These are "Zip"
            files and will need to extract with "WINZIP."  Then add the TFF file to your Window front direc-