Graphic Icons
Making QSL Cards

    To download these graphic icons into your computer, place the mouse cursor in the center of the graphic icon and, with your left key, press to "highlight" it. You will also notice the border around each one. Now, with your right key on the mouse, place the mouse cursor in the center of the graphic icon and press once.

     You will immediately execute a pop-out vertical menu tag.  Look for the menu selection entitled "save image as."  This action will evoke a pop-out directory box which will provide for you an option to place the graphic icon file in any directory you wish or to accept the "default" directory.  Unless you have a reason to do otherwise, accept the "default" directory and place the mouse cursor on the "OK" button of the pop-out directory box and press the left key for execution. 
Do this each time for each graphic icon file you want to download into your computer.

      Notice, each time you place an icon or text into the one of the rows, the space or spaces between them will either expand or contract,  depending on the size of the item.
     You can, of course, alter the size of each icon to accommodate your
needs or artistic inclination, as well as the spaces in between each row.




































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