- Making your own QSL Cards -
Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA
Examples of QSL cards for SSTV and Internet
(Taken off "live" on 40 Meter SSTV Net)
     Before you start this project of making your own QSL cards, we suggest the following steps:  First, please print this and all of the other pages.  It will prove much easier to digest the instructions.  Secondly, you will need to use the Netscape Composer, though other browsers can do just as well.  Netscape is the browser we use in this project. Micro- soft Internet Explorer  will not work for this project
     Over 30 different browsers have been tried and used.  Some are better than others.  Some are designed for the handicap and others for small children.  Yet, others are designed to entertain with high- resolution graphics, 3-D graphics or to interface with either high-fidelity or stereo with advance artificial intelligence algorithms for voice recognition.  In other words, you could talk to it and it would talk back to you. However, many are frivolous and provide little usefulness to the serious user of Internet.  Please stick with the advance and serious browser but continue to test, examine and experiment. Examine the browsers at  the Tucows' web-site.

Download  Netscape's latest version of their browser

Download   Microsoft Internet Explorer's latest version

Download At least 50 browsers for you examination by Tucows

    This special software selection has the specific purpose of allowing you to design your own QSL card, within certain limits, but with a continually expanding capability as we continue to grow.

    We start off with two examples of QSL cards.  Each one is virtually identical with the exception the first example has a clearly defined border and the second without a border.  There is a border in the second example; however, it is invisible to the normal human eye.  Any browser in the "edit" mode will allow you to easily observe it.

    Start off with your decision to select either the first example or the second example. It doesn't really matter.  You can always change your mind.

                                 First Example

W A 1 H H N
Walter J. Nero
190 Englewood Road
Longmeadow, Mass. 01106


e-mail:  wa1hhn@juno.com

                       Second example

Juergen Malner
8 Pineridge Drive
Westfield, Massachusetts 01085

e-mail:  dk1tm@prodigy.net

    Suppose you had decided to select the first example as your QSL card.  You must start off with a "table",  "rows" and "columns."  Open up a browser, such as the the Nescape Composer browser. It must have the ability to make tables, rows and columns.

    Immediately you will see a multi-level menu bar on the top of the screen.  Look for the menu selection entitled "Table."

    Put the mouse cursor on "Table" and click the left key for the pull- down tap.

    Make the number of rows to 8.  Make the number of columns to 1  Make the table alignment to center.  Click to remove "border line width" unless you want the border, columns and rows to show up in the final edition.  Make "Table Width" 65 % windows.  Make "Table min.  Height" 50 % windows. Click "Apply."  Click "Ok."

K B 1 X Y Z  /  J P A

    Look at the above example.  Place your call in the first row.  Use any font, type and color you like.  In the second, third and forth rows write your name, street, city and state.  Go to "Format" on the browser to make them in the center of the rows unless you have some purpose not to do so.

K B 1 X Y Z  /  J P A
Sissy Hotcakes
24 Down Old Memory Lane
East Cupcake, Outer Mogolia

    In the above demonstration, notice, we have placed the name and address in the next three rows.  Notice the individual rows now.  There are five of them. 

     In the next step, place the graphic icon in the fifth row.  Go to the icon button below and execute it to get to the graphic icon page.  You can download each graphic icon onto  your computer.  Then, once you will have them in your computer, you can go back to  your page to continue your production of a QSL card.  Place the mouse cursor in the file selection of the menu bar entitled "Image."  A menu box will pop in view.  Look  for the file selection with the name of "Choose File"; put your mouse cursor on it and press the left key to execute.  Select the graphic icon suitable for your needs; press "Apply" and then "OK."

    This action will immediately put the graphic icon in the middle of the row you will have selected.  Continue to do this for each row until you complete the project.

K B 1 X Y Z  /  J T A
Sissy Hotcakes
24 Down Old Memory Lane
East Cupcake, Outer Mogolia

    Use the convention of working from top to bottom and from left to right.  Everything works better.  Of course, you can easily deviate from this convention as long as you understand the English-speaking world uses a standard and, when you deviate from it, you will find yourself at odds with it.

The End Results

K B 1 X Y Z  / J T A
Sissy Hotcakes
24 Down Old Memory Lane
East Cupcake, Outer Magolia
e-mail:  kb1xyz@hotcakes.com

For Graphic Icons