The Official
Traffic Net Preamble
for the
First Region Net
    Make sure frequency is available before speaking.  Note:  There are two sessions each day for the First Region Net.  The first session is at 1:45pm and the second session at 3:30pm.  Presently, we hold the first session on 7.233 MHz and the second session on 3.948 MHz, depending on the local radio propagation conditions, but usually in the wintertime.  However, during the summertime, it may prove necessary to operate both sessions on 7.233 MHz.  Each Net Control Operator has the authority to shift frequency and band in order to accommodate his local conditions. If, on the other hand, there is a
QSO on frequency, the proper procedure for Net Control is to shift frequency up or down 
3 KHz, approximately the bandwidth of a typical SSB signal, to avoid conflict. 

     Occasionally, however, this is simply not possible. Then, in that event, the Net Control must seek out a suitable frequency in between the QSOs.  Sometimes it may prove wise to ask the party on the net frequency to make way for the First Region Net for the duration of the Net.  Most of the time this request works.

     In between the first and second sessions, at 2:30pm, is the time of the Eastern Area Net on 7.243 MHz SSB during the week-days and 7.050 MHz CW during week-ends.  An Eastern Area Representative will show up at the First Region Net to either pick up or deliver traffic; then report to the Eastern Area Net at 2:30pm to forward this traffic from the First Region Net and to pick up traffic and foward it to the Second Session of 3:30pm.

            ASK:" Is this frequency clear for the First Region Net?"

Starting with the Preamble -

          "Calling the First Region Net" (say twice).  This is ______ (your call); Net Control
for the First Region Net.

         "Is there any emergency, priority traffic or TCC representatives on short time?"
(if none, then continue with the following statement)[Remember, TCC -- the Trans- continental  Corp -- representatives have priority].

        "Now looking for Section Representatives (for New England) or stations with


Note:  To print out this Preamble place your mouse cursor in the center of this page and, with your right key, press once.  You will immediately see a multi-selection menu tab.  Look for the file selection entitled "save as ...." or the appropriate title.  It will vary a little from system to system.  Put your cursor on that file selection and, with your left key, press once.  Then follow the instructions.  Use the default settings; name of file and directories unless you have a good reason to change them.

Net Manager

Net Control Operators
Sunday:  WA1URS
Monday:  K1TMA
Tuesday:  WA1URS
Wednesday:  K1TMA
Thursday:  KA2ZKM
Friday:  K1TMA
Saturday:  N1DIO

Last revision:   March 11, 2003 by K1TMA