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   The National Traffic System Nets
Western Massachusetts

    As the Net Manager for the First Region Net I think I am in an unique position to discuss nets; their nature, in respect to traffic nets particularly for New England; and the entire makeup of these Nets for both New England in general and Western Massachusetts in particular. 

    The National Traffic System was designed by the American Radio Relay League, http://www.arrl.org/, with a managerial infrastructure to handle traffic in an orderly and systematic fashion.

    There are two objectives in this design:  People who can use the system to operate periodically with or without a schedule and people who can operate almost every day several hours a day.  It is designed to operate daily and sometimes continuously with the recent introduction of certain digital modes of communications.

    It is a system which uses all modes of communications common among the amateur radio community, including Packet, RTTY, CW, SSB and AMTOR.

    Since this web-site was not designed to cover this subject exhaustively, we suggest you consult the ARRL at  http://www.arrl.org/FandES/field/pscm/sec2-ch1.html
for additional information.

    Our purpose of this web-page is to list all of the activity, for the National Traffic System, in Western Massachusetts, an area from the New York border to Route 495 east of Boston.

    This activity has been found from 160 meters to 70 cm on simplex, duplex, FM repeaters and full-automatic robotic systems in the AMTOR digital mode, and  others.

    Nets for the National Traffic System start off at the local level; the section level; to the regional level and then to the transcontinental level in the United States.

    Local levels represent city and sub-city nets, in the larger cities -- such as New York City or Los Angels -- and consist of smaller, informal nets which may not be traffic- handling nets, per se, but will handle traffic periodically when the occasion requires it.  In Western Massachusetts there are many, many local level nets:


Central Mass. Two Meter Net on 146.970 MHz meets daily at 9:00 o'clock in the
       evening.  N1WAS is the Net Manager.

Franklin County ARES Net on 146.985 MHz.  KC5KKS is the Net Manager.

Massachusetts RACES Net, of South Worcester County, operates on 146.970 MHz
       and K1RMS is the Net Manager, preceded by N1PSE.

Massachusetts RACES Net, of North Worcester County, also operates on 146.970
       MHz with K1RMS as the Net Manager, preceded by N1PSE.

Massachusetts RACES Net, of Berkshire County, is found on 146.910 MHz, with
       N1SR as the Net Manager.

Massachusetts RACES Net, of Franklin County, on 146.985 MHz, has N1SR as the
       Net Manager.

Massachusetts RACES Net, in the Hampden and Hampshire Counties, as N1SR as
       the Net Manager, operates on the 146.940 MHz.

Montachusett Emergency Net operates on 145.450 MHz and represents North
       Central Massachusetts (northern Worcester County) with KT1I as the Net 
       Manager (NZ1D retired).

Western Massachusetts ARES Net in Greenfield, on 146.985 MHz. KC5KKS is the
       Net Manager.

Western Massachusetts ARES Net on Mt. Greylock operates on 146.910 MHz. 
       KA2SAE is the Net Manager.

Western Massachusetts ARES Net on Montachusett, representing Northeast 
       Worcester County, has NZ1D (retired) as the Net Manager.  Waiting for new

Western Massachusetts ARES Net on Mt. Tom, 146.940 MHz, represents the
       Hampden and Hampshire Counties, with KB1MU as the Net Manager, preceded by

Western Massachusetts ARES Net, operating from Templeton (145.370 MHz, and
       representing Northwest Worcester County, has AE1B as the Net Manager, preced-
       ed by N1FZV.

Western Massachusetts ARES Net (Warren) operates on 147.210 MHz and with
       N1LKT as the Net Manager.

Western Massachusetts ARES Net (Worcester) operates on 146.970 MHz.  KA1OTQ
      is the Net Manager.

    In respect to Western Massachusetts, we have the local "Cycle Sessions." Cycle I is at 10 o'clock in the morning and held at Mt. Greylock. Cycle II is also held at Mt. Greylock but at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

    Mt.Tom has the responsibility to hold Cycles III and IV which are held at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon and 7:00 o'clock in the evening respectively.

   Copy of Preamble for the Cycle IV Session

    Cycle III is presently not in operation due to a lack of radio operators; however, Cycle IV has been very active for quite some time now.

    Each of these Cycle Sessions run several minutes to a half hour every day, five days a week, from Monday to Friday.

  KB1EPP is the Net Manager for the Cycle I on the Mt. Greylock machine.

  N1RFQ, K1XU and N1RKY (K1REL) have served as the Regional Liaison on the
       Cycle I Sessions.

  N1YCW serves as the Net Manager for the Cycle II on the same machine.

  K1TMA is the Regional Liaison for the Cycle II and IV Sessions. Cycle III is
       presently inactive.

  K1TMA is the Net Manager for both the Cycle III and IV Sessions on the Mt. Tom

    On each Cycle Session there is a Regional Liaison who represents the connection between the Cycle Sessions and the First Region Net (the net for the regional level). We have 10 Regional Nets and there are three area nets: -- The Eastern Area Net; the Central Area Net and the Pacific Area Net.

     For all of Western Massachusetts there is only two section representatives for the First Region Net.  Then there is a section representative for Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and, finally, Maine.

  For the state of Maine we have W1KX, W1JX, N1JTH, WA1URS and KA2ZKM.

  WA1URS also represents Vermont and New Hampshire with WA1RKT. KB1DSB,
       out of Vermont, recently retired.  W1DFU, of Vermont, reports regularly to repre- 
       sent Vermont and New Hampshire, too.

  For Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we have N1OTC, N1LKJ, NZ1D
       (who retired as the Section Traffic Manager for Western Massachusetts and 
       moved to Florida), WA1FNM (inactive), K1WU, KW1U, N1LAH and, until recent-
       ly, KE1KL (retired; moved to Florida with her husband).  WB1CHU replaced NZ1D 
       as the STM for Western Massachusetts.  K1CYQ just started to represent Western
       Massachusetts periodically. 

  For the state of Connecticut we have WA4QXT (retired), K1UQE, KA1RMV, 
       K1STM (retired), W1WCG (retired), N1DIO, K1EIC, KB1DYZ and N1BOW.

  WB1CHU and K1TMA represent Western Massachusetts, occasionally W1WLS. 
       Looking for more representation for Western Massachusets.

     In Western Massachusetts, all of the local and Cycle Session nets forward traffic to the Section Representative for the First Region Net, who either sends it to another Section Representative in the First Region Net or to an Eastern Area Representative (as "through traffic") for outside of New England.  N1LKJ, KW1U and K1WU are Eastern Area Representatives for the First Region Net.  KK3F is the TCC (Trans-continental Corp) representative in Hyattsville, Maryland. Then the reverse order occurs when traffic from outside of New England goes through the TCC, the Eastern Area Repre- sentative into the First Region Net and into the hands of a Section Representative who forwards it to the appropriate local or Cycle Session for delivery.

     Most of the traffic for Western Massachusetts, as well as all of New England, is
generated by a small group of hightly active people in the form of "Books," meaning
the same text with each message.  Each message is identical with the exception of the
message number and address.

     These people are NM1K (Enfield, Ct.), W1GMF (Abinton, Mass.), N1IQI (Bryant-
ville, Mass.), WA0TDA (Woodbury, MN.) and W1PEX (Nashua, NH). 

    K1HEJ (New Britain, Ct.), the Section Traffic Manager for the state of Connecticut, generally generates an enormous amount of traffic, originating on 2 meter packet, in anticipation of the Eastern States Exposition in September of each year (which keeps me very busy during this period). 

    NM1K also originates his traffic on a local packet node in Connecticut, as does W1GMF and W1PEX in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, respectively. 

    KA1RMV (Colchester, CT.) has been generating a great deal of traffic in the last year.

     KV1S, out of Keene, New Hampshire, generates a great deal of highly individualized
non-book traffic, most of it for Florida.

     Patricia Garvin, WB5NKD, of Oklahoma City, OK, just started recently to generate
a great deal of book traffic for all over the United States.

     Then Bob, N1UAN, of Kingsport, TN, has been busy doing the same thing recently.

  Copy of Preamble for the First Region Net