The Official
Traffic Net Preamble
for the
Cycle IV Session

Make Sure Frequency is Available Before Speaking  -

    ASK:"Are there any calls for this Repeater before we start the Cycle IV Session of the  Western Mass Traffic Net ?"

Starting with the Preamble -

     "This is _______  " (your callsign).

     "Calling the Western Mass Traffic Net" (say twice); "this is _______  "(give call in Phonetics)." -- My name is ______  and I am located in ___________."

     "This Net is affiliated on the local level with the National Traffic System of the American Radio Relay League and meets every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:00 PM and Wednesday night at 7:30 PM in conjunction with the MTARA Information Net; on the 146.940 repeater for the purpose of handling third party traffic in and out of Western Massachusetts as well as the entire coverage area of this Repeater.

     "All stations, with or without traffic, are invited to join;  -- visitors to the area, mobiles or anyone interested in traffic handling net are welcome.

     "This is a directed net. Please do not break this Net unless you have emergency or priority traffic. Please do not leave this Net without informing Net Control that you are doing so. When checking into the Net, please say the words  "This is" --  followed by a carrier drop --  (Drop PTT as an example) to ensure against doubling -- then give your callsign and state whether or not you have traffic.

     "The first call-up will be for stations with emergency or priority traffic -- only.  This is _______ (your callsign).  Any stations with emergency traffic,  please call now. " ( If nothing, then say, "Nothing heard!")

      "Now, any station with traffic, and with traffic only, your call signs please -- and list your traffic..

     "Now, any stations with or without traffic --  the Net currently holds traffic for ______ (or say none if none).  Any station  who can help with this traffic or who wish to check in,  please call now."

     Now, finally the informals: -- clear each station individually.

Net closing -

     "Having conducted the business for the evening, we would like to thank all who came -- ready, willing, and able to handle traffic, and those who patiently stood by while we did so. We would also like to thank the Mount Tom Amateur Repeater Association and the W1TOM Trustee for the use of their Repeater. I will now close Western Mass Traffic Net and return the repeater to normal amateur use. A very pleasant evening to all  and 73 ...

    "This is ________ (your callsign) -- good night."


Note:  To print out this Preamble place your mouse cursor in the center of this page and, with your right key, press once.  You will immediately see a multi-selection menu tab.  Look for the file selection entitled "save as ...." or the appropriate title.  It will vary a little from system to system.  Put your cursor on that file selection and, with your left key, press once.  Then follow the instructions.  Use the default settings; name of file and directories unless you have a good reason to change them.

Net Manager

Net Control Operators
Monday:  K1TMA
Tuesday:  N1RLX
Wednesday:  N1RLX
Thursday:  N1RLX
Friday:  KB1HPF

Last revision:  N1FI 12/18/00 (Written pursuant to request by K1TMA)