- Modes of Operation -
Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA
APRS Packet   RTTY PSK-31 SSTV  
     I think I have an exceptionally good receiving cap-
ability in every mode, including SSTV.  Look at the
images I took directly from my SSTV station.  Since my
noise level does not even register on the S-meter, there
is surprisingly very little noise to interfere with SSTV reception, or any other mode.

     What you see on this page is exactly the same thing
I receive as "live" coverage.  Those images have not been
altered in any way.  Of course, sometimes the band condi-
tions will not allow this kind of reception; then I suffer.

Typical images I get from SSTV "live" on my SSTV station.
Digital photographs were taken "live" with a Panosonic Digital Camera

Four examples of SSTV images taken "live" off the 40 meter KB1HJ's SSTV Net

     A typical QSL card                    "Cat Soup"                "The Taliban Assault Tank"      " Carlson's Garage"