- The First Elementary Theory of Time-Travel -
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The First Elementary Theory

Introduction -

     Before we can seriously entertain any legitimate scientific theory of time-travel, elementary or advance, we immediately need to make certain assumptions; identify certain scientific parameters and objectives and to define the attributes and characteristics of the physical properties of time.

     As we discovered in the earlier statements of definitions, time is a physical plasma; has weight, density, volume, frequency, length, width and even a small electrostatic charge to it.

     However, as neat and clean as all of this reads to us now, it does not tell us anything about its quintessence which could give us the immediate power to develop a theory of time-travel.

    Then, to make matters worse and more complex, an examination of a theory of the physical properties of time will easily reveal the obvious possibility of an enormous industrial developmental potential far in excess of a simple and single science and technology to travel back and forth through time.

    Time-travel is only one engineering application out of a massive variety of possible applications, both scientific and engineering.

    If we were to confine ourselves to the single engineering application of time-travel, I firmly believe, we will waste ourselves and the potential of this new science.

Some Intuitive Assumptions of Time

     We actually have two inherent contradictions in our intuitive assumptions of time.

First Assumption -

      Time is made up of three basic components:

          (a)  Past
          (b)  Present
          (c)  Future

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Past          Present          Future    

Time Spectrum

Past -

     Past represents the period or phase of time which has already occurred and therefore not available or changeable for us.

Present -

     Present represents the period or phase of time at this precise moment, and starts at the precise mo-
ment before the precise moment of our present.  It is immediately available and changeable at any time in the present, past or future.

Future -

     Future represents the period or phase of time which has yet to happen.  Although manipulable and subject to change in the present, it is not available to us until the precise moment of occurrence during the present.

Second Assumption -

      Though similar or identical in most respects to the first assumption, with the same set of basic components in the same order (past, present and future), the second intuitive assumption differs with the interpretation of future.

     Future is just as available to us as the past and present. If there is a capability to travel through time, then it should be possible to travel in the future as well as in the past, hence an assumption time to be a very different and much more complex topic and entity.

     If time should prove to be the Second Assumption, then our entire relationship to time suggests an entirely new and different kind of reality for us personally.

     Among other things, this assumption suggests our existence in the present of time to be our most immediate view port or aperture available to us for the immediate moment relative to the whole spectrum of time -- past, present and future.

     Present suggests time to be the immediate aperture of the whole spectrum of time in which we have an immediate consciousness.

     We can not have an immediate consciousness of the past, only an awareness and memory of it.

     Future, as in the first assumption, on the other hand, can not allow us consciousness, awareness or memory of it, only knowledge of its pending existence, each intimate detail subject to action from the past and present.

     But if the second assumption is to be true, then the future already exists!

     We have no knowledge of it due to our aperture or view port viewing time in the present, which of course would adversely affect our interpretation of time and reality.

     This kind of assumption of time would significantly complicate reality and our interpretation of it, leading to easy mistakes and falsehoods.

     However, if that assumption should be our reality, then we shall have no alternative but to face up to it and to begin the process of a proper and scientific interpretation of it.

     There is at least one advantage.  We have no religious or ideological belief system supporting any one particular assumption to interfere with its development!

 A Memory in the Time Plasma

Two kinds of Time -

     We have already demonstrated the existence of the physical existence of time as a physical entity and plasma.

     We know from past experience and extensive use of arithmetic and mathematics of the existence of an abstraction of time, too.

     It is the relationship between distance (d) and velocity (v) represented mathematically with the symbol, "t", for time, as if to say:

t = d/v

     "T" represents the totality of time, or the total effect of "Field-Effect" over time (t') and the effect of gravity over time ( t" ), as if to say:

T = t + t' + t"

     Another way of representing these relationships is:

T = t, t', t"

Problem -

     Obviously, it will not matter whether or not the First or the Second assumption is correct in this First Elementary Theory of Time-Travel.  For there has to be something, a memory, in the second kind of time -- the Time Plasma (tp) -- and an ability of the Time Plasma to store data and events before we can expect to record, recover or examine these data and events, either in the past or future (either in the First or Second Assumption).

     If the Time Plasma has a memory like the tongue of a shoe, a CD, record, magnetic tape or a floppy diskette, then it would have to possess the ability to record human and natural data and events as they occur chronologically.  If that is so, then we will have no problem to examine data and events in the past (for the First Assumption) and the future (for the Second Assumption).

     Otherwise, once we will have possessed the technological capability to travel back and forth through time, we will simply find space and time where we had been in the past or the space and time where we will be in the future.

Assumption of a Memory Attribute -

     Let us assume, for the moment, there is indeed a memory attribute in the Time Plasma.  If so, then a whole array of enormously vast possibilities open up for an intellectual and scientific speculation.

    Among other things, unlike the memory "lands" and "groves" of a CD or record, which we must measure in several thousandth of an inch or centimeter, or substantially less with some memory me-
dias, the Time Plasma, with a field -- length, width and depth -- of several hundred to at least several hundred million light years, would possess an automatic capability of a significantly greater depth of density in the field and therefore an enormously significantly greater storage density in terms of data bits per cubic centimeter in a line of time (1 centimeter high, 1 centimeter wide and 1 light year long) or field of time (1 cubic light year).

     With that kind of data storage density it is obvious a line of time in the Time Plasma, if it were to possess such an attribute, would possess the ability to store substantially more data than just bits and bytes, in a binary format, but in an active and interactive 3D graphics.

     It is also entirely possible, I feel, if these attributes were to exist, either in this memory storage format or configuration, or something un-expectantly different, it may still require a science and technology to make an interpretation of the data in storage.

     That statement means, even if we were to develop the science and technology to travel in the past or future, and even if the Time Plasma were to possess the desirable physical storage attributes, we still may not perceive the existence of human and natural historical data and events without another science and technology to sense and interpret it for us, in the same way we require a radio receiver and antenna to sense and interpret the music and voice communications on a radio frequency carrier.

Shape and Composition of the Time Plasma -

     Basically, the Time Plasma is the same stuff as the star stuff emanating from the stars.

     Solar Physics, which deals with the scientific interpretation of the observable flow of energy coming from the Sun, has documented most of the Sun's energy output as a near constant flux of electromagnetic radiation in the photographic, visual and infrared regions of the whole spectrum.

     However, our primary concern is, or at least it seems it ought to be, with the small part of the Sun's -- as well as with most every other star's -- variable streams of particles strewing from it. They are made up of mostly protons and electrons.

     It is these streams of particles which make up the stuff of the Time Plasma and therefore time itself.

     Since nearly every star strews these same particles through-out the Universe, it is quite apparent that stars are responsible for the manufacture of the plasma which make up the physical properties of time.

     Some physicist theorize our Universe has the physical shape of ribbon candy and others believe
it to be in what they say is the likely shape of a saddle of some kind.  Its actual shape seems really very irrelevant in this particular instance; for now we must concern ourselves with the apparent recognition our Universe is inside of a bigger universe.  Perhaps we ought to think of the bigger universe as an absolutely enormous hole or sphere of some kind, with an unknown shape, and at least one universe inside of it -- ours?  We can call this bigger universe  -- the Universe at Large, meaning a universe free and not held captive by another.

     Our universe has its own shape consisting of an enormous stream, perhaps in the shape of ribbon candy or a saddle, made up of an electrostatically-charged plasma constantly expanding outwardly in the Universe at Large to contain billions of stars and star systems.

     There may or may not be flaws in the plasma, such as holes the size of pins, in some instances
and, in other instances, a hole the size measurable in light years in radius or circumference.  These holes in the plasma may, in some instances, be "Black Holes" so many physicist have tried to so very hard to understand and to explain scientifically.

     That problem among physicist is not presently important to us, either; since our only impor-
tant responsibility, at this point in time, is the recognition of a need to study and understand the physical attributes and characteristics of the Time Plasma making up the quintessence of time.