- Audio & Video Streamer -
Amateur Radio Station -- K1TMA

    What you are about to see and hear is my station on RTTY as the digital camera pans across the screen from left to right.  Remember!  After you are done, you must press the "back" button to get back to this position.  It is not an automatic process.

Audio & Video Streamer

< Press the Camera Icon with left key on Mouse >
Audio & Video Streamer
K1TMA's Ham Radio Station

Download  Latest version of the Netscape browser if you need it
Download  Apple's QuickTime 6 Media Player
    Note: First download the latest version of the Netscape browser.  Then download the latest version of the QuickTime Media Player.  Make sure you have all of the "plug-in(s)",  or else it may not work.
    At the end of this Audio & Video streamer it may be necessary for you  to  < Press >  the "Back" button in order to get back to your starting point.